L'Arbre à Lutik

In touch with the treetops!

Plouisy, Côtes-d'Armor

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L'Arbre à Lutik
39 Kernilien
22200 Plouisy
Cell : 06 81 41 97 62
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Climb up in the trees branch by branch right to the top, just like when you were a child… that's what l'Arbre à Lutik offers, right across Brittany.
Whether in a forest or in the grounds of a château, wherever there's a tree the Arbre à Lutik nature lovers can set up their ropes. And off we go for a tree climbing session. Among the various activities they offer, you can choose between "la moulinette" which involves climbing branch by branch, or "la liane" in which around ten people can climb up at the same time using ropes, and meet up in the leafy tree tops. Once at the top you can take your time, relax and enjoy nature. And for more excitement, when you have some experience, you can move from tree to tree. Even more impressive, you can sleep in a hammock tied between the branches. Waking up in a tree, with nature all around, is a sure way to enjoy totally new experiences.

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  • Climbing
  • Tree-climbing

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