L'Ecole de la Glisse

In Keremma, a kitesurfing paradise

Tréflez, Finistère

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L'Ecole de la Glisse
Plage de Keremma
29430 Tréflez
Cell : 06 63 44 44 31
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Between Brest and Morlaix, the Kite sans Frontière School is open throughout the year to offer kitesurfing lessons in places that are perfectly suited to requirements and safe.
« Lessons take place entirely in the water,” explained Alan Rozec, a qualified instructor and director of the centre. “From the edge of the beach, we can go a long way. The sailing area is open and the sea smooth. It’s perfect for teaching!” While the school does have a hut in Trefflez, at the entrance to Keremma campsite near the Sablière dunes, it is above all a mobile school. Depending on the conditions (tides, wind), beginners’ classes and advanced level instruction take place on various beaches; sometimes the school moves to Dossen, which is well-known for its waves. From March to November, Alan Rozec only accepts three students per session in general; the use of radio equipment and modern gear make learning that much simpler.

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  • Kite surfing
  • Paddleboarding

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