Rando Mer

Plougonvelin, Finistère

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Rando Mer
29217 Plougonvelin
Cell : 06 71 20 65 03
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Yes, it is possible to go canyoning in Brittany. It is one of the many activities on offer setting out from Rando Mer in Plougonvelin. But your guide may decide to offer to take you to see the seals and dolphins around Molène...
The magnificent Iroise Sea, the islands around Molène, the Crozon Peninsula, and other places around here have no secrets for him. Claude Le Guitton is a marine guide, rather like the guides you find in the mountains. You can choose between a range of places in this area of Brittany. Special excursions, canyoning, kayak or motor boat trips. To explore the most remote creeks the head of Rando Mer offers a wide range of boats, meaning you can discover all the fauna and flora in the Iroise Sea Nature Park. If you want to discover all the secrets of this magnificent coastline, don’t hesitate, as Rando Mer is there for you. “With half-day sessions, you can discover the biodiversity of the shoreline, as well as the erosion phenomena affecting the cliffs. You can also set off to see the pods of dolphins and seals that live around Molène… So many beautiful things to see!” added Claude.

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  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Snorkelling

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