Do you dare to face the void?

Carentoir, Morbihan

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2 rue du Houx
56910 Carentoir
Phone : 02 99 93 71 00
Fax : 02 99 93 71 01
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Tree climbing adventure trails meant for pirates and jumping into the void from 9 metres up. At the R'Game Park at Quelneuc you'll have to be a real Indiana Jones!
Located near Rennes, R'Game offers several climbing adventure courses arranged by level. Would you rather be a cabin-boy, a buccaneer or a pirate? Whatever you decide, you'll need to be brave to handle the zip lines, rope bridges and other Tarzan jumps. And if you're after even more excitement you can try the R'Jump. Have you got the nerve to climb up on to that 9 metre high platform and then jump out into the void and land on a stunt man's air bag? And to finish the day off you can have a game of paint-ball, or a lasergame inside. The Indiana Jones package includes a game of paint-ball and a tree climbing trail After all these adventures, unwind at the picnic sites which are fully equipped with barbecues. And if there are lots of you together why not take advantage of the Buena Cabana, a chalet available for hire for group meals?

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