Trégor Kite

Gone with the wind

Penvénan, Côtes-d'Armor

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Trégor Kite
57 rue de Leur Min
22710 Penvénan
Cell : 06 70 81 80 22
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A steady force 4 wind? Then it's the perfect time to try kiteboarding. The new Trégor Kite School at Penvénan will provide the equipment and expertise to delight and excite, and it's all totally safe.
A trained engineer and qualified watersports instructor, Jean opened his own kiteboarding school in the spring of 2012. Working in partnership with Port-Blanc watersports centre, his school moves from place to place. Depending on the tides and winds, you will be launched from one of the four centres located along the 20 kilometre stretch between Louannec and Plougrescant. Do your waterstart, make headway, catch the wind, then do your first jumps... that's it! The crystal clear water and the Trégor countryside will give you wings. Three- hour supervised lessons in small groups - three people maximum - are available for beginners and the more experienced. Once you have completed five sessions, you can go out on your own. Trégor Kite School also offers customised lessons providing individual tuition for those who want to make more rapid progress. Buckle up!

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