Voile Escapade

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La Forêt-Fouesnant, Finistère

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Voile Escapade
Ponton A, place 34
Port la Forêt
29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant
Cell : 06 73 11 48 49
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From its berth in Port-la-Forêt, Voile Escapade organises courses, discovery trips and mini-cruises to give you a taste of sailing in totally safe surroundings.
Certain places in Brittany provide particularly calm sea conditions. One of these is Concarneau Bay. So it’s no surprise that Julie Dennebouy has anchored her sailing boat there (First 31.7): "The site is protected from gusts of wind and the sea is smooth. It’s the perfect place for families with young children". Julie can take aboard up to seven people, from age two upwards. Mind you, it's no place to sit and twiddle your thumbs! Voile Escapade is first and foremost a sailing school, where you’re expected to play your part in manoeuvres, trimming the sails, chart-reading, and many other activities. Julie shows beginners how to tack for the first time. She also trains more expert sailors in navigating for themselves. A discovery trip, lasting two to three hours, will allow you to explore the little inlets in the bay. A day trip means you can slip across to the Glénan archipelago. Mini-cruises, lasting two days, can also be arranged.

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