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Guidel, Morbihan

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West Surf Association
Centre Nautique
56520 Guidel
Phone : 02 97 32 70 37
Fax : 02 97 32 70 37
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In Guidel-Plages, in Morbihan, Yann Cannuel and Loïc Guillemarre offer you all their expertise and welcome you in top class facilities.
West Surf Association is there for you at the Guidel-Plages water sports centre and lays on the transport to take you to the best spots. You are supplied with efficient equipment, “From the most sophisticated to the simplest boards,” explained Yann. During the school holidays, West surf Association offers courses, and there is even a Surf Camp in the summer for youngsters from 12 to 17. During the winter holidays, the club also organises holidays in Morocco, which are open to all. In the off season, the club remains very active and opens its surfing training centres. From April to June and from September to December, you can follow 2 hour classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Throughout the year, West surf Association organises special events.

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  • Paddleboarding

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