X-Trem Forest

Acrobatic trail in the Morbihan Forest

Camors, Morbihan

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X-Trem Forest
Le petit bois
56330 Camors
Phone : 02 97 39 28 69
Fax : 02 97 39 28 51
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On acrobatic trails up in the trees at a height that ensures safety, a professional team invites you to get a breath of fresh air and get back to nature.
From February to November, you can book to visit the Camors Adventure Forest, a perfect playground for the whole family. From the age of 2, kids can use all their imagination, while being watched by their parents as they go through the Elves Trail. For older kids, there is a children’s trail with a 90-minute discovery circuit with wooden bridges, ropes, nets, but also Tarzan creepers and aerial surfing ... Adults and teenagers can also find what they are looking for and bring out the adventurer within. Accompanied by qualified instructors, visitors are fitted out with helmets, harnesses and gloves. Always showing total respect for the environment, Camors Adventure Forest was awarded the Eco Trophy and organises art workshops, fairy-tale evenings and concerts during the summer period.

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