Zef Attitud'

A mobile sand yachting centre

Quiberon, Morbihan

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Zef Attitud'
Ludovic Trottein
23 avenue du Général de Gaulle
56170 Quiberon
Cell : 06 11 26 22 10
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Between the beaches at Erdeven, Penthièvre and Port-Maria, Zef Attitud' allows you to speed along the sands depending on the prevailing winds and your level.
Taking advantage of his ability to move around, Ludovic Trottein, a qualified instructor chooses the place and style to the needs of his students. Ludovic Trottein makes an appointment with his clients depending on the weather forecasts and their experience. Quiberon beach, which is very smooth dries out quickly and is ideal for beginners. The beaches at Erdeven and Penthièvre are large open spaces allowing fans of speed to enjoy themselves. Zef Attitud' invites you to go sand yachting on the water’s edge or inland on grass or tarmac tracks. Open throughout the year, the school offers classes to beginners from the age of 9 and advanced classes for all ages.

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